#2 – ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ TNG Pilot

In this installment of the It’s Got Star Trek podcast, Patrick, Dan, and Jesse continue their quest to discuss all the Star Trek pilots with ‘Encounter at Farpoint,’ the episode that introduced the world to the gentle wisdom of Jean-Luc Picard, the aggressive charm of William Riker, and the understated sensuality that is a brace of space-faring jellyfish.  Your hosts are joined by one of the world’s foremost experts on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Daniel H. Johnson, and cover topics including Riker’s anti-android racism, Geordi’s condescending gesticulation, and John de Lancie’s oboist parents.  Also, what exactly was Groppler Zorn’s plan – did he honestly think this was all going to work out in his favor?  Anyway, this is a good one – go get it!

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