Programming Note: Beta Broadcasts

Good morning and good evening!  Patrick here, with an update on our progress.  You’ll note that we have employed a curious numbering format for our episodes – however this is only curious if you believe these to be the final product of our intense labors!  No, indeed these episodes are mere test broadcasts, artisanally crafted to test audio and technical settings, play around with different content and segment ideas, and generally give us practice jabbering on in an entertaining fashion.  Eventually, when we feel we’ve ironed out all the bits and pieces, we will, with great fanfare, produce and publish our very first episode!  That will be labeled with a proud “1” – or maybe “Episode 1”?  That remains to be worked out.  In any case, we do hope you enjoy the beta content released on this feed in the meantime.  We look forward to your comments and recommendations, which will be eagerly read and over-analyzed on future installments, especially if they are particularly negative or insane.

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