#39 – ‘Temporal Edict’ Lower Decks S1E03

Ransom and Mariner debate command protocol while Boimler gets some much needed face-time with Captain Freeman. Join your micromanaged hosts as they discuss the legacy of Captain Montgomery Scott, the precarious chasm between professional latitude and fear-inspired productivity, and the importance of being well-read for the development of a just society.

Spoiler warning! We dive right into a detail-rich discussion of this episode, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet – beware!

Next week: The ensigns get up to some sort of shenanigans that involve a “Moist Vessel” – the fourth episode of Lower Decks’ first season.

Note that this and all episodes of the It’s Got Star Trek podcast contain explicit language and, frankly, an unnecessary amount of offensive content, so the show is intended only for adults and really really cool kids.

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