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#43 – ‘Much Ado About Boimler’ Lower Decks S1E07

Ensign Boimler suffers through an awkward phase while Mariner reconnects with an old friend. Join your medically-deranged hosts as they discuss Tendi’s dog, Mariner’s hesitations, and Boimler’s need to please on this, the 43rd episode of It’s Got Star Trek!

Spoiler warning! We dive right into a detail-rich discussion of this episode, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet – beware!

Next week: Rutherford and Shax commit shenanigans at a Starfleet museum while the ensigns get roped into witness duty in an alien court.

Please take a few moments to read “How Star Trek Lower Decks Explores The Challenges Of Black Women By Subverting A Well-Worn Genre Trope” by Kayode Kendall at Medium.com.

The redditor we reference in this episode was /u/sicktaker2 – here is their original post that got us doin’ some thinkin’!

Note that this and all episodes of the It’s Got Star Trek podcast contain explicit language and, frankly, an unnecessary amount of offensive content, so the show is intended only for adults and really really cool kids.

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