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0.053 It’s got the hots for Karl Urban, ruminations on Tarantino’s Star Trek, and a nasty case of testicular meningitis

In which a group of rusty podcasters records two hours worth of nonsense, with today’s presentation highlighting the bits that won’t be a total waste of our audience’s time (though that is perhaps a generous, and obviously biased, assertion).

Theme music by 11 Acorn Lane.  Bonus clip of Elvis insisting he’s never been strung out on anything except for music available here. Visit www.itsgoteverything.com to learn more and maybe buy something?  We are keen to earn some cash.  Follow us on twitter at @itsgoteverypod to keep up to date on the latest, and visit /r/itsgoteverything on reddit to discuss each episode.  No Facebook for what should be the obvious reasons.