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#6 – ‘The Vulcan Hello’ & ‘Battle at the Binary Stars’ Discovery Pilots (Part I)

Would you believe it?  Another week, and another new episode of the It’s Got Star Trek podcast!  In this new entry to our rapidly-expanding library of insightful, irreverent (and ultimately irrelevant) audio recordings, your hosts discuss the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, ‘The Vulcan Hello’ and ‘Battle at the Binary Stars.’  There will be praise, there will be frustration, and, most importantly, there will be references to the Klingon blood scientist from Enterprise.  Oh, before you ask, yes we will be covering the third episode, “Context is for Kings,” next week since that is essentially a second pilot for the series.  Note that this episode was not sponsored by Siggi’s Icelandic-style Triple Cream Vanilla skyr yogurt, no matter what you think you might have heard.

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