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#21 – ‘Thine Own Self’ TNG S7E16

Our old buddy Data has gone an caught a bad case of amneezy, landing himself and a bunch of medieval villagers in a boatload of trouble! Meanwhile, Counselor Troi discovers that career advancement can be tricky business, especially when your boss is your on-and-off again Imzadi. Distract yourselves from current events by enjoying a fun tale about science being ignored by hoards of ignorant lunatics!

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0.051 It’s got a trip to Tangier Island, self-destructive inaction on climate change, and the unlooked-for moral hazards that accompany off-brand cell phone service

In which Daniel, Jesse, and Patrick describe Tangier Island to a curious and confused Dan, Mike is reluctant to correct a mis-delivered voicemail, and everyone is concerned about the grey goo. Also, Daniel keeps talking about wanting to commit arson for some reason. See Daniel’s video documenting our trip to Tangier.

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