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#84 – ‘The Next Phase’ TNG S5E24

Geordi and Ro navigate clashing philosophies while working to solve the mystery of their disappearance while Data attempts to pull together the best funeral the Enterprise has ever seen. Join your all-too-solid hosts as they discuss the showcasing of problem solving in Trek, the brilliance of selecting Geordi and Ro for this particular plot, and, of course, the reason why phased individuals don’t fall right through the floor.

Spoiler warning! We dive right into a detail-rich discussion of this episode, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet – beware!

Next week: Quark and company hatch a daring plan to rescue Moogie in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s ‘The Magnificent Ferengi”

Note that this and all episodes of the It’s Got Star Trek podcast contain explicit language and, frankly, an unnecessary amount of offensive content, so the show is intended only for adults and really really cool kids.

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